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22 Nov 2016

Infographic: Tapping Into Massive VR Potential In 2016

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Some time ago we noted that the demand for low poly 3D models is growing (the trend that continues in the 2nd half of the year), and one of the reasons is likely to be the growing virtual reality (VR) market as the developers of VR applications also need real time assets for their content. There is a huge hype surrounding discussions on virtual reality future, but there are also critics pointing to some really valid points. At CGTrader, we always favour objective opinions, so we decided to take a better look at what all of this noise is about and give our view on how it will develop.

Firstly, we agree that VR already had its chance and failed miserably - this is one of those irrefutable points, however, what we see these days is way stronger technological basis for VR to succeed. In this very early stage of the 2nd boom of this technology, projections vary substantially, but even in the realistic scenario the experts estimate the market to grow to 84 billion USD by 2025.

What differentiates market today in comparison to the conditions present back in 90’s is that VR is becoming acknowledged by visionaries in many more industries rather than being developed as gaming-only technology. From engineering and education to entertainment and tourism, the AR and VR technology finds its possible applications and the user. This infographic points out eleven user cases from different industries proving the point. Though the magnitude of VR impact will vary from just small upgrades to a likely disruption, the widespread interest is encouraging to place a bet.

What does that mean for 3D modelers’ community? Don’t forget to look further than trends in game creation - maybe realistic low poly models for retail or real estate could be as needed as another weapon model. On an individual level we won’t be able to solve for motion sickness, but take a look at the challenges (often way smaller) faced by developers of content for every of these industries, and maybe you will get an inspiration for the next winning solution.

Infographic: Tapping Into Massive VR Potential In 2016 1

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