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CGTrader Fundraiser Generates Over $150,000 in Support of Ukraine

July 18th, 2022

CGTrader Fundraiser Generates Over $150,000 in Support of Ukraine

ORLANDO, Fla., July 6, 2022 ( – CGTrader, the world’s leading provider of 3D and digital content, is holding a “Support Ukraine 3D Model Sale” fundraiser across its business to assist with the humanitarian efforts in aid of Ukraine, and to date have raised more than $150,000 through designers’ donations and CGTrader’s contributions.

Proceeds from the CGTrader fundraiser are going towards the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), a United Nations Refugee Agency. Initially a two-week event, CGTrader continues to provide marketplace sellers the opportunity to donate a percentage of their royalties to the same charity.

The fundraiser stands as part of CGTrader’s continued support of Ukraine since the Russian invasion efforts began in March. CGTrader has actively recruited more Ukrainian specialists, added the Ukraine flag to Ukrainian models so that buyers can support those sellers by choosing their models. Ukrainian designers are receiving faster payouts, and CGTrader is promoting Ukrainian designers on its social media channels.

"As we continue to lend our full support to the people of Ukraine, I am proud of the fundraising efforts of our marketplace designers to contribute towards humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Our thoughts remain with the lives of all affected by this unjust invasion effort."

- Dalia Lasaite, CEO and Co-Founder, CGTrader


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Yehat wrote
The winter is coming.
razorback456 wrote
hello people, I'm from Ukraine - I'm currently in Ukraine. I'm not a refugee - I'm asking you - don't donate to 'refugees', refugees are fleeing war, not poverty, they're people who are not poor and have money. It's not refugees who have gone abroad who need help, people who need help remained in Ukraine - people who lost their property or house as a result of the war - if you want to donate, donate directly to the government of Ukraine and not to charities that give everything to refugees
charly-1 wrote
Thank you for support!
ogilko wrote
Thanks, guys. Such a small country has done so much for Ukraine!