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CGTrader Designer Spotlight: Igor Puškarić

September 19th, 2022

CGTrader Designer Spotlight: Igor Puškarić

Who is Igor Puškarić?

My name is Igor Puškarić , I have been artistically inclined since birth, however I had to wait with life until I managed to connect with the world properly, since for me that was the pre-internet age. So, even though a creator from birth, I officially started to make art for money roughly 13 years ago, with a video game project called Novus Aeterno, by Taitale Studios, with whom I perfected my digital 3D skills, and have attended Pax east and Pax west, Boston and Seattle, and this was also my first travel experience to the USA.

After this , I had many smaller (Per Asset) projects and a couple of longer ones, in which I worked on almost 90% of all art, depending on the project. Those were, among many others: - Fleets of Heroes - Tanks of the Galaxy - Interstellar Space Genesis - Melodysheep - Live Beyond 3: In search of giants - Equinox Vision - Multiple tasks - and others. I am an award winning 2D/3D generalist, 3D artist, Texture artist, Concept artist, Illustrator, Animator and a Teacher, with over 13 years of experience in video game industry, doing contract work and model sales. I have also been a Zbrush teacher at Machina Academy in Zagreb, Croatia, and a public speaker and a presenter on multiple industry- related conventions. Now I have my own business , "Iggy-design j.d.o.o. " , where I function as a one-man outsourcing studio.

How would you describe your style?

My style tends to flirt between organics and hard-surface, Fantasy merged with Sci-Fi... as I like it diverse and playful.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Nowadays , I have way more inspiration than I need, as they are my entire world in a way. Sometimes I get inspired from a random friendly conversation and sometimes from a movie or a game... there is no rule to it really.

Are there any world-famous designers that you admire or look up to?

Most definitely, yes. My main personal role-models were H. R. Giger and Vitaly Bulgarov, however there are in fact many, many more.

Can you share a tip or trick that you’ve learned over the course of your career that has made your work easier or more efficient?

Tools change, evolve with them. Naturally, with long term practice you learn where you can cut a corner , without that being a negative impact on the final design. Workflow optimisation can be a difference between 3 days or a week of work, for the same design.

What led you to pursue a career in 3D art?

3D is overwhelmingly diverse and allows me to spread my creative wings far and wide, so to speak. Not only can you create an idea for yourself , but also share it in a more complete and flexible way. It seemed like the most natural possible path.

Why did you decide to sell on CGTrader?

It was a blind test at first , but then I LOVED it! It is a good, quality site, that does all the right things , and that includes intelligent service upgrading and listening to sellers as well as buyers. Proud to be a seller here.

What is the most interesting project (or the one you like the most) you have worked on?

Really tough to answer, as they are all unique, but in this context, I would say Fleets of Heroes, a mobile game, where I did almost 100% of all art, including concept art, 3D, 2D, animation and some promo materials. So , this project has the most of my personal touch in itself...

There are many talks that 3D models/modeling has a bright future. How do you see it?

I agree, considering how peripheral technology evolves, it automatically opens more doors for 3D use, and that, indeed, can represent a lot of positive power and cooperation in all areas of 3D related technologies. I expect positivity all over the digital space, as well as on the 3D print portion of it.

Do you have any message for the CGTrader community?

Keep it up, you are a great , creative bunch!

Where are your designs used most frequently?

Well to be perfectly honest, most of the time , I have absolutely no idea, but I do get surprised when some cool artist I admire showcases them in their new creation. Such an example is Melodysheeps -Beyond life series where he used a couple of my models. Later on that has led me to actually cooperate with him as a proper client to design a creature for his beyond life 3 film. Same surprise when I saw my drones in one of the first Nvidia promo videos for their RTX cards, and one drone used as a sample for the Rebelway tech demo trailer. Moments like these really made my day and I was very proud, every time. Regarding placement there is an entire array , that being games, films, animations , promo commercials, art challenges, even 2D renders and illustrations. You name it.

Aside from that, sometimes people buy my models as a test, and then they actually hire me to design the rest of the game in the same style. That is how a mobile game Fleets of Heroes came to be.. Also that is one of the awesome benefits to actually be a seller here.

Are your designs mostly allocated to the global or local market? What are the tendencies in this market in your country?

On that note, from my perspective it is extremely global, with occasional local exceptions, unless the model is free. In Croatia, the creative community isn't really big but it is relatively strong, and our artists are mostly properly recognised only outside the country. Therefore , we do have world class talent but that talent tends to leave the country, or stays but then it goes online to reach the world.

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