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CGTrader Designer Spotlight: Emir Y. Tınastepe

October 19th, 2022

CGTrader Designer Spotlight: Emir Y. Tınastepe

Who is Emir Yaren Tınastepe?

Hi! I am Emir Yaren Tınastepe from Turkey. I am 25 years old and I'm a computer engineer. I started 3d modeling in my university years just to make a survival game featuring our campus with my friends(never happened) but I did not stop modelling after that. I really love video games and I knew if I wanted to make my own game one day I would need 3d modelling skills. Along the way I published an Image to text app, a 2d puzzle game on play store, and composed music for my game on all music platforms. I am still a long way from my dreams.

What software and tools do you use for your work? Why?

I started to learn with blender. After that I tried Maya 3d, 3ds max, cinema4d. But mainly I use 3ds max. Of course I also use illustrator and photoshop for texture works. As I am a computer engineer I have written some scripts of my own and use them very often on 3dsmax.

Emir Yaren Tınastepe 3D Modeling Tutorial

Do you design for CG, 3D Printing or both? Why? Which are your favorite design concepts to work on?

I design both for printing and CG but as I don't like to sell untested models I try to stick with CG. I don't have a printer to test my printable designs. My printable designs are mostly keychains of popular anime, games and logos. useful little props cosplayers can use. My CG work is mostly lowpoly game props. I try to make my models lowpoly and enhance the quality with texture details so that buyers don't have to worry about optimisation. I like to model medieval props with wooden materials. I think right now I have enough models to make a little medieval game.

What do you feel sets your work apart from other 3D artists in the industry?

I try to make a couple variations of each model and modular design when possible. For example, a simple bucket model is not enough for me. I need to make a destroyed, with handle, without handle etc. variations of that bucket. While modelling I uncontrollably think as a gamer. In games I see that a single model is used everywhere, so making a couple variations can help with the repetition inside games.

How do you deal with stress while working on projects?

A little stress is good for motivation and finishing the work but don't let it overcome you. Stress leads to health problems, you have but one life, it is not worth stressing. I close everything, find somewhere quiet, put some music on, play some games, hang out with a friend. anything but work.

How did you discover CGTrader?

At the time we were trying to make a game and looking for some free assets. I saw some easy fence models and thought to myself "If they can make it, so can I". Then I started my modelling journey on CGTrader.

Imagine a beginner asks for your advice on what to do in order to sell more models, what would you answer?

Don't sell anything you are not happy with. give details about your models as much as you can in the description. Make good renders and thumbnails. When the models are listed your thumbnail should have something to attract the buyer. Don't give up making models, "Rome wasn't built in a day". Give good support to the buyers or potential buyers when needed. Also use the CGTrader statistics, it will show you what models are needed and are on demand.

Can you share a project that you’ve worked on that you’re particularly proud of? What made it so special?

I am proud of my printable runescape runes collection. I used to play this game so much back in the days. I wanted to give something back to that awesome community by making it.

Do you have any message for the CGTrader community?

Great community, there are very talented people out there. When I am in need of some inspiration I browse through the website and I am often amazed by the works I see. Together we make CGTrader better.

Where are your designs used most frequently? (f.e. video games, movies, etc.)

I always have games in mind while creating. When Customers ask for help regarding a model it is mostly about whether it will work on game engines or a format conversion to another game engine. So I am positive that most of my models are used in games. Some of my models have 4K textures, they are most probably used in higher resolution rendering jobs. I honestly don't have any examples in production but if anybody used them in a published game or an animation I would be more than happy to check them out.

Are your designs mostly allocated to the global or local market? What are the tendencies in this market in your country? Is it popular?

Definitely a global market. I have never had a buyer from my country, maybe the reason for this is the inflation being higher than ever here. With companies growing and keeping up with technological and marketing trends they are in need of the 3D Markets. Every country has its own culture so sometimes the global market can't satisfy their needs. That is when companies turn to local artists. They would rather pay in local currency than foreign in this economic climate. I can say that it is a growing industry in my country.

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Runes Collection

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Medieval Wooden Carts

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Iron Firepit and Torch

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